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Posted on May 24, 2017

You probably know the value of trees and the vital roles they play in human lives, but you might be less familiar with how much is owed to the nonprofits that are dedicated to ensuring more trees are planted and current trees are preserved for future generations. Whether you hail from the west coast, east coast or somewhere in between, there is a tree nonprofit near you making a difference.

City Plants, a collective of nonprofits, is creating a greener future for the City of Los Angeles. With a population of more than 4 million, that’s a lot of lives impacted with cleaner air, green jobs and more sustainable futures. Members of the collective, such as Los Angeles Conservation Corps and Koreatown Youth and Community Center, use conservation and service projects, like planting trees, to provide at-risk youth and young adults with opportunities for success and to better communities.

“The LA Conservation Corps has been working at improving the urban forest for over 30 years. By engaging the community, hiring at-risk youth and partnering with other agencies in Los Angeles, the corps has developed an urban forestry program that not only plants and distributes over 5,000 trees annually, but creates a culture of environmental stewardship for its youth,” says Alex Villalta, Urban Forestry Supervisor, Los Angeles Conservation Corps.

A large portion of Texas benefits from Trees For Houston’s commitment to planting, promoting and protecting trees. In just over 30 years, Trees For Houston has planted more than half a million trees. Six tree nurseries are operated to grow more than 20,000 trees, helping to increase Trees For Houston’s ability to plant and giveaway more trees.

“Our simple, concise mission is to plant trees for the benefit of our entire community. Although focused on Houston, Trees For Houston is now an effective regional entity, improving the quality of life with plantings in 18 counties surrounding our urban core. We are committed to planting trees at local schools, parks, along bayous and thoroughfares throughout our community to make our city a healthier and more beautiful place to live,” says Randi Koenig, Senior Director of Development, Trees For Houston.

Focused on Chatham County in Georgia, Savannah Tree Foundation preserves, protects and plants canopy trees. As the oldest urban and community forestry nonprofit in Georgia, this organization has helped pave the way. The foundation was the first in the nation to protect a single tree, The Candler Oak, through a conservation easement and to use satellite imagery as a way to document tree canopy changes in an urban area.

“Through direct action, education, and advocacy, the Savannah Tree Foundation (STF) promotes an awareness of trees as vital environmental resources and an important part of our cultural heritage. STF works closely with the nine municipalities located within Chatham County. To support the long-term success of projects, STF partners with community organizations for its tree projects. Community volunteers provide over 2,000 hours of service each year with STF at community tree plantings and tree care projects,” says Karen Jenkins, Executive Director, Savannah Tree Foundation.

Tree Nutri™ values these and other devoted organizations across the country and is proud to support them as its community partners. To date, Tree Nutri™ has donated enough bags of its Beginnings fertilizer to treat more than 8,770 trees, improving tree health, appearance and drought tolerance. Join us in our continued efforts by nominating other tree planting nonprofits that could use Tree Nutri™ Beginnings fertilizer at

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